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Australis Roofing offers leaking roof repairs, replacements, cleaning, inspection and roof restoration services in Gold Coast, Central Coast & Sydney: 1300 093 721

At Australis Roofing, we are roofing specialists, with our services extending from roof reports, repairs and restorations to residential, commercial and industrial roofing. We know you want to extend the lifespan of your roof and make sure little problems don’t become big problems. That’s why it helps to regularly inspect your roof and be aware of some common roof problems.


Roof Restoration & Fix Leaking Roof Repair Gold Coast

     1.  Leaking Roofs

It’s a scary thing to look at your ceilings and see water stains or water running down the walls. Especially because it can be difficult to identify where the water is leaking from! Some roof leaks can be easy to fix, but if it’s something that looks like it requires a professional, call us at Australis Roofing.

     2.  Roof holes

There are quite a few reasons holes could develop in your roof. Debris from winds and storms, falling trees, rotting wooden roofing or a nail that’s been removed can create holes. Left untreated, holes can create bigger, more expensive problems. You might have a hole in your roof if there is water staining on your ceiling of the attic or if you can see daylight!

     3.  Small animals

Birds, snakes and mice are just a few animals that have been found to make homes in roofs. If you suspect an unwanted visitor in your roof, you may want to check for holes and damage!

    4.  Bad gutters

If your gutters aren’t installed properly or they are over-cluttered with leaves, you may find that water doesn’t flow off your roof how it should. You could end up with water flowing back onto your roof and creating moisture damage. If you know there’s rain on the way, it pays to have a look at your gutters and check they’re free of debris.

If there’s a problem with your roof you don’t feel comfortable dealing with, call us at Australis Roofing for professional advice and service on 1300 093 721.

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