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roofing repairs central coast nsw - metal roof restoration insulation replacement - roofing contractorsAn easy hour’s drive north of Sydney up the Pacific Highway — or you can fly there in a seaplane — the Central Coast is chic, beautiful and a joy to live in. There are beaches and great walks, spectacular sunrises, good fishing, and surfing and shopping too. And there are even pelicans!

‘The Bureau of Meteorology warned NSW to “be prepared to batten down the hatches”, forecasting more wild weather after a night of thunderstorms.’

But this is Australia, where the weather is often extreme. That was in December 2018, when there was a wild night of thunderstorms and heavy rain, and Ausgrid had to try and restore power to 28,000 homes. The emergency services carried out at least seven flood rescues, the trains stopped running, local flights were cancelled and road traffic was in chaos.

That is when you are really grateful to have a solid, watertight roof over your head. And the telephone number of a trustworthy roofer you can count on in an emergency.

If you live on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australis Roofing are only a phone call, a text message or an email away. Australis Roofing have a skilled team of professionals who will ensure that your roof is completed to Australian standards and that your property and assets are fully protected.

Australis Roofing provide roof replacement, repairs and new roofing services with a strong focus on safety and professionalism.

Australis Roofing’s extensive experience and expertise lie in both domestic roofing and large-scale industrial and commercial roofing. That includes factories, multi-storey unit complexes, schools and mine sites. So Australis Roofing is really prepared for just about everything.

You can rely on Australis Roofing for all roofing services — we are the specialists!

Australis Roofing understands the importance of your roof and how important it is that your roof should be aesthetically pleasing. Their builders are trained in roof restoration and insulation. They know about hail damage, and when a roof can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

Outstanding customer service and outcomes tailored to meet the clients’ every need? You can rely on Australis Roofing.

Actually, Australis Roofing is owned and operated by a qualified plumber with over a fifteen years of experience in the plumbing industry — that means he puts a leaky roof first!

Call today — Australis Roofing is at your disposal for large jobs and small.

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