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November 2016 is a month that will not be soon forgotten in Broken Hill. There was some of the worst weather within living memory. A ferocious hailstorm — with hailstones the size of golf balls and fierce, gale-force winds, up to 100 km an hour — damaged electrical infrastructure in far-western and central New South Wales where 12,000 homes were left without power between Broken Hill, Tamworth and Bathurst. The terrible winds through the hailstones in all directions according to residents, and most of the serious damage was caused by branches falling across wires and roofs. Even headstones and graves at the Broken Hill cemetery were damaged by fallen trees. Homes, cars and infrastructure were badly hit. The high winds ripped the roofs off several houses.

“A lot of trees down, got some reports of roofs off houses, sheets of iron off houses, a lot of hail damage, a lot of windows smashed, a lot of car damage, a bit of everything,” local SES chief Mr Darrin Larkin said.
“We’ve probably got about seven houses with the roofs completely off, we’ve got a lot of smashed skylights, smashed windows, carports down on cars … it’s been a massive task so far,”

The energy crews were all out the next morning, and Australis Roofing was on the ground soon after, working on providing make safes, roof replacements, repairs and disaster relief reporting — with a focus on safety and professionalism of course. Australis Roofing only use high quality materials from trusted suppliers, but this was nature at its most devastating and even their highly trained employees with plenty of experience in projects including government and offshore contracts, indigenous community work and disaster relief were shocked.

Don Robinson of Broken Hill said “I was watching the pergola and it seemed to be like a washing machine agitator, but at the same time also going left to right, it was going up and down.”

But Australis Roofing prides itself on providing outstanding customer service and tailored outcomes to meet clients’ needs, and that is just what they did. Australis Roofing’s responsive workforce was on the job 24 hours a day and seven days a week minimising damage and repairing, restoring and reroofing as quickly as possible.

Your roof protects your biggest asset — and in a real emergency you can count on Australis Roofing.

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