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Professional roof restoration, repair, replacement, insulation or new installation! Call an expert roofing contractor in Gold Coast QLD at 1300-093-721.

Unfortunately a roof is not forever. Your roof has to be regularly inspected and maintained, and kept in perfect condition. You can’t risk leaks and storm damage — and you really need to use only the very best and most energy efficient roofing materials. In the long run that is a very good investment.

Damaging winds, heavy rainfall, wild weather, severe thunderstorms, bouncing hail and flash flooding

Just before Christmas, on 21st December 2018, several thousand homes on the Gold Coast were left without electricity when more than 178 power poles were knocked down by fierce, roaring winds, and hundreds of trees fell onto power lines. There were giant hailstones and spectacularly dramatic flashes of forked lightning.

“Many residents helped each other clean up the storm distress”

“The City’s maintenance team is doing an amazing job clearing blocked drains and removing debris from roads and footpaths,” the Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said. He did not mention Australis Roofing, but we were certainly not far very behind, working on and repairing damaged roofs up and down the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is used to heat waves punctuated by severe storms, but these storms were the worst in a very long time.

All airlines and trains were delayed, and the southbound lanes of the Gateway Motorway were completely flooded

It’s at times like these that you really need to be able to count on your roofer. And you can always count on Australis Roofing. We’ll get there just as soon as we can, and we’ll repair or replace roofs with as little fuss and as affordably as possible.

Australis Roofing understand roofs — and we can take on everything from restoration to insulation

Australis Roofing are experienced, skilled professionals — real roof builders who understand the importance of your roof and how to deal with leaks. If you need a specialist roofing contractor, look no further. Australis Roofing can deal with domestic, commercial and industrial roofing.

Call Danielle or Scott Jury or Luke Harper-Green if integrity, professionalism and customer satisfaction matter to you. We’ll be round straightaway to give you an opinion and a quote.

Australis Roofing is always interested in new projects, both big and small, and we are well known for providing outstanding customer service — and solutions specially tailored to meet our client’s needs.

Don’t wait for a storm — contact Australis Roofing today.

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