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Australis Roofing is focused on preventing injuries and keeping roofers safe and sound. For roof safety rail systems in Sunshine Coast, call 1300-093-721

Falling from a height is the most common cause of injury and death when working on a roof. That’s why safety is at the forefront of everything we do at Australis Roofing. We have an outstanding safety record — Australis Roofing goes above and beyond to protect our employees, building owners and general contractors and to prevent injuries. And at Australis Roofing, we prefer to use our “sister” company’s safety rail to maximise edge protection and safety, and make it easier for people who are using a roofer.

Roof Safety Systems, Repairs & Restoration

You can count on reliable safety with Australis Safety Rail

Reliable safety? Australis Safety Rail provides edge protection and hang-on platforms. Storms can cause damage to roofs, making it extremely dangerous to go up there. Roof sheets can be dented and damaged, panels may be punctured and minor roof damage can quickly become major roof problems. So when storms or other natural disasters strike, it’s vital to provide reliable safety. The Australis Roofing team has the experience, equipment and capacity to support you, regardless of whether it’s a small or large-scale job.

Using Australis Safety Rail’s rail means we don’t have to get another party involved

If disaster strikes and you need a roofer — or if you want to do some preventative or general repair work — you know you are in safe hands with Australis Roofing. No outside parties need to be hired and Australis Roofing can get the entire job done safely, on time and without added complications.

Australis Safety Rail specialises in providing safety rail for re-roofing projects such as homes, garages, patios and any other structures. We offer a hang on platform system for new builds to provide an alternative cost-effective option for facia, gutter and roofing

Australis Roofing provides services in the industrial, domestic and commercial sectors, as well as for insurance companies. So if you have a roof that needs repairing, we can help.

Preventative measures

Australis Roofing is dedicated to worksite safety and providing excellent customer service. We look after clients in Rockhampton and on the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast ­— whether you’re in Kawana or Yepoon, we can help.

Australis Roofing is focused on preventing injuries and keeping our roofers, and everyone else involved, safe and sound. From minor to major roof repairs, Australis Roofing has the capacity and equipment to assist. If you need a roofer, get in touch with us today.

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