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Your roof is leaking. Should you call a builder or a roofer? Rely on Australis Roofing experts for professional roof repair in Sunshine Coast: 1300 093 721

Thunderstorms can cause serious damage to roofs. When there are strong winds, branches and leaves get blown around, filling up gutters and scratching roofing panels. And large hailstones which batter roofs may turn your minor roof problems into major roof problems.

Roof Restoration & Maintenance

Have you cleared your guttering lately?

Of course roof damage may also occur as a result of not regularly maintaining and cleaning gutters. As debris begins to build up, it can block water flow.

When you know or suspect your roof has been damaged as a result of a storm, lack of maintenance or a furry friend, there are two main reasons why it pays to go direct to a roofer:

1. Roofers’ costs are usually lower than builders’

A roofer’s national supply chain enables buying power, and national delivery methods. When roofing is what they do; they can do it faster and cheaper because they eliminate the need for an extra margin between the builder and roofer.

2. One point of contact

Things can get very confusing when you’re working with several teams of workmen. We all know we’re happier when response and repair times are lower and by engaging the roofer directly, you enjoy the benefit of just one service provider, which reduces the number of factors that influence our experience such as; the number of decision makers “touching” a job, and the number of points of contact for the homeowner.

If you are not sure if your roof needs repairing, it’s always a good idea to call in a professional

It may be dangerous to inspect your roof yourself, especially in wet, windy conditions and if you have a slippery, uneven roof. And if you don’t repair your roof the problems will only get worse. The sooner the better with roof damage!

Australis Roofing specialises in reporting, replacing, and repairing roofs from scratch, with a focus on safety and professionalism. At Australis Roofing, we have a reputation for excellent customer service. Whether you are in Rockhampton, or on the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast, call Australis Roofing today.

Australis Roofing ensures that your roof is completed to Australian Standards by our experienced team of professionals. Contact us today.

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