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Roof Assessment & Reporting

Do not wait until your roof has been damaged! Contact our team for fast roof inspection, reporting and assessment in Sunshine Coast. CALL 1300-093-721

It is vital to make sure that the roof over your head is safe, given the freak weather conditions that can strike at any time!

Have you had your roof checked recently?

Are you quite sure that there are no problems with the roofing? No leaks? The team of professional experts at Australis Roofing are here on the Sunshine Coast, ready to tackle every minor or major difficulty that needs to be fixed. With more than 15 years’ experience in roof repair, roof replacement and roof insulation, Australis Roofing are involved in domestic, industrial and commercial roofing throughout Queensland, and can always be relied on for customer satisfaction.

Take a look at the condition of flashings. Do they cover the edges of vents, chimneys and wall junctions? Are they firmly attached? Is any rust visible? Are any sealant joints cracked or loose?

Australis Roofing specialises in:

• Repair and re-roofing
• Emergency make safes
• Guttering
• Removal of asbestos
• Roof insulation

When a roof covering shows signs of wear and tear a full inspection is essential

Australis Roofing has been involved in industrial, commercial and domestic roofing projects – including government contracts and offshore work – and our reputation speaks for itself. Our unrivalled experience and proven record working to minimise damage and rapidly restore the integrity of affected roofs makes us the ideal choice to help you with any problems you may have, whether from hail or from a serious leak. No job is beyond our capabilities.

A comprehensive report will show you know exactly what corrective actions should be taken.

Do not wait until your roof has been damaged before you call us. Give us a ring on 1300 093 721 or contact us and we can arrange for an assessment. Our team will be on the case immediately and will be able to recommend any preventive steps that need to be taken. Rest assured, our assessment will be honest and we can work together to keep the roof over your head in place in any and every weather.

One constructive piece of advice: prevention is always better than cure, so we would suggest that you keep your roof in the best possible condition at all times.

You need to feel secure at home and at work no matter what. Let your roof protect you and your loved ones at all times — with the willing help of Australis Roofing!

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