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Don’t risk fixing the roof on your own! Call our professionals! Australis Roofing offers roof repair services in Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Darwin: 1300 093 721

Sometimes a roof repair is minor – something you could do at home with a few tools. Other times, you need to call in a professional. But how do you know when to DIY or leave it up to someone else? Here are a few reasons we’d recommend calling in the professionals:


Roof Repair & Maintenance Gold Coast

1.  If it’s too dangerous

Getting up on your roof can be very dangerous if your roof has a steep slope, if there’s been rain and the roof is slippery, or if you don’t have the right safety equipment. There are lots of safety hazards to be aware of. If it feels dangerous, calling a professional is the better option.

2.  If a leak or hole is not fixed properly, it could become a bigger problem

Even if you feel like you could safely get on your roof and fix a minor problem, be aware that if not done properly, the small hole or leak could be something much bigger later on. If you want to be sure your roof is fixed properly long-term, call in the experts to help.

3.  Structural problems – weak roofing

If your roof is fragile, old, or damaged, it could be very dangerous to try and fix anything yourself. Without the proper edge protection and equipment from a roofing specialist, you could put your life at risk, and your home too.

4.  If in doubt, go without

Always remember, if it’s something you’re not sure of, don’t risk it. Call us at Australis Roofing and we’ll take care of it.

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