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Prepare your roof for the storm season! Australis Roofing offers roof inspection and leaking roof repairs in Gold Coast, Central Coast & Sydney: 1300 093 721

Summer storms in Australia can be unexpected and unpredictable. It’s important to be proactive with your roof and maintain it properly to prevent damage. You don’t want to find after a storm that the small hole in your roof has quadrupled in size and is now leaking water through your entire home! Here are some things to consider before we get into the midst of Summer:

Roof Leaks & Maintenance Gold Coast

1.  Do you have existing leaks?

Any leak, no matter how small, should be repaired as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Storms can bring high winds and lots of rain that can not only make old holes bigger, but create new holes in your roof too. Call in the experts so your small problem doesn’t become a big problem.

2.  Are your gutters cleaned?

The dirt, branches and leaves that collect in your gutters should be removed before a storm. They create blockages that prevent water from flowing and draining properly. Birds and other animals may also be attracted to make a home in your gutters and roof if there’s a collection of branches and leaves!

3.  Are there any loose tree branches that need to be removed?

With a lot of wind, rain and lightning, loose tree branches could easily come crashing down, damaging your roof and blocking your gutters. Be proactive and get hazardous branches removed before they become a problem.

4.  Check for spots on your roof that appear damaged

Maybe you don’t have a leak just yet, but some areas of your roof may need maintaining and fixing to prevent further damage. If you feel like you can safely inspect your roof yourself, carefully inspect for potential damage. If in doubt, call in professional help.

To prepare for storm season, fix damaged roofs or gutters, call us at Australis Roofing on 1300 093 721 for expert advice. You can also view our website for the full list of our roofing and insurance services.

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