Hail Damage Repair Sunshine Coast

Sundays’ severe thunderstorm brought large hail and high winds that significantly damaged cars and properties across the Sunshine Coast. The damage to cars are much easier to see than the damage to your roof. But getting up on your roof can be very dangerous – Storms can bring a variety of hazards including slippery roof surfaces, tree branches and high winds that make inspecting your roof unsafe. If you suspect damage to your roof or just want to get it checked out, it’s better to call in a professional. 

After a hail storm, your roof can be damaged in a number of ways 

Hail can crack roof tiles, create dents in metal roof sheets and damage your gutters. And the damage may not always present itself immediately. Overtime, these cracks or dents can become bigger problems that can be more complex and expensive to fix. 

As well as hail damage, you might have damage from branches and trees 

The high winds brought by the recent storm may have also caused damage. Storms can send tree branches flying onto your roof – scratching and denting it. Leaves and smaller branches can also build up in your gutters, creating blockages. 

Some factors may increase the likelihood of storm and hail damage:

  • The age of your roof

Older roofs with more weathering may be more likely to be affected by a storm. If you have neglected your roof for quite some time, it might be time to get it inspected – especially after a severe storm.

  • Previous damage to your roof from past storms 

When your roof has already been damaged and weakened by a storm, further damage may be all that’s needed to create holes or cracks that become a bigger issue. If you suspect a past storm has caused damage to your roof, but decided against inspecting it, an inspection could save you a lot of future trouble. 

  • The condition of your roof

If you have existing leaks in your roof, or other damage, a severe storm can make these much worse. 

Repairing your roof as soon as possible is essential to prevent minor problems from becoming major problems. 

Why choose Australis Roofing for your Sunshine Coast roof repair?

  1. We perform each and every stage of the required work, from reporting through to scoping, quoting and carrying out all repairs.
  2. We have extensive experience in both domestic roofing and large-scale industrial and commercial roofing – so whether the job is big or small, Australis Roofing has you covered. 
  3. The Australis Roofing team of professionals will always ensure that your roof is completed to Australian Standards and is aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Safety is a guiding principle and our standards go beyond government regulations – Australis Roofing believe strongly in safety education and awareness.
  5. We provide industry-leading services to the insurance sector. The team at Australis Roofing are skilled to deal with hail damage, roof damage caused by fallen trees, and everything in between.

If you suspect your roof has been damaged, or know there’s a problem, call us at Australis Roofing on 1300 093 721.