Roof Repair Gold Coast

They say that prevention is better than cure — and certainly regular maintenance keeps your roof in good condition for much longer. When damage is widespread it’s usually better value to replace the whole roof.

A professional from Australis Roofing will carry out a detailed inspection to ascertain whether a patch can extend a roof’s lifespan

Signs of a serious problem include sheet laps lifting, or storm or hail damage, corrosion, cracked tiles, or loose, broken or missing tile pointing. Patch repairs can work, but the same issues continue to arise and it is difficult to blend the repaired section in with the existing roof.

Treat roofing problems early — your roof needs to be a priority. Please call Australis Roofing now

While it is possible to repair or replace tiled roofing, the price and availability of matching tile colours and profiles can make repairs very expensive. Reroofing your home from tile to tin is often recommended as an affordable alternative.

Australis Roofing is experienced and professional. We really know about roofs and we know how to help you.

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