Roof Safety Solutions

Australis Roofing have a longstanding, outstanding safety record. We do not just protect our employees, but building owners and general contractors too against lawsuits from accidents and injuries.

Safety is a guiding principle and our standards go beyond government regulations

All Australis Roofing employees work with edge protection (safety rail) when roofing, or wear fall protection as required. This allows them all the flexibility they need during roof demolition and installation.

Australis Roofing focus on reducing and mitigating risk

Jobs carried out on a roof sometimes require scaffolding, so that not only are the workmen kept safe, but tools and materials do not fall from the roof to the ground.

Australis Roofing believe strongly in safety education and awareness

Australis roofers read, understand and sign a site specific Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) before they commence working on a roof.

And on a hot day

Australis also have very high heat stress standards and we invest in the most up-to-date safety programmes and advanced equipment to protect our workforce.

“Many incidents can be avoided if suitable equipment is used and if those doing the work are consulted about the hazards and risks and given adequate information, instruction, training and supervision.” Safe Work Australia

Most roofing work is considered construction work, whether it is altering, converting, renovating, repairing, maintaining, demolishing or dismantling the roof of a structure. This includes tiling, roofing restoration and installing solar panels, but even minor work such as cleaning the guttering and replacing tiles, is equally dangerous and carries the same risk of falling. There are also the risks of asbestos on an old building, and of electric cables.

Falls from a height are the major cause of death and injury when working on roofs

The main hazards are:
• Unprotected edges
• Fragile surfaces, skylights, holes and vents
• Weather conditions
• Tripping, overbalancing or losing grip

Sensible precautions and planning, and using the proper procedures and appropriate equipment to access roofs reduces the risk of falls.

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