Roof Inspection Gold Coast

Unless they have already had a bad experience, people like me usually assume that their roof must be well made and properly positioned, insulated and installed. And that it can hold out against any weather, however violent or extreme. However, like everything else, roofs are not forever and they do need care and regular preventive maintenance — preferably before an emergency arises.

Peace of mind? It is very comforting to know that your roof is in good condition

An affordable annual roof inspection, and another one after any particularly violent storms, should avoid any number of expensive problems by trying to identify and then address them almost before they come up. And it makes sense to have a professional roofing expert conduct the inspection, identify potential problems, estimate the remaining life of the roof, advise you properly and, when necessary, help you with your insurance claim.

Keep your feet on the ground

There is no need for you to clamber and scramble around the roof dangerously — or even around the roof cavity, which also needs checking for proper insulation, ventilation, moisture and mould. Pay a professional roofer who does it for a living and has the right experience, tools and equipment to do that for you. And then pay attention to their report.

Determine the integrity of your roof

Leaks and drafts are tell-tale signs — and streaks and stains, mould, rot and rust, the roof cavity venting. Clogged gutters, loose sheet laps, missing fasteners and damaged flashings are common causes of major problems, as well as the air conditioning installation, and of course the more easily spotted broken, loose or missing tiles. Is one side of your roof more vulnerable than the others to the weather or flying branches?

Catch minor problems before they become costly repairs: Structure, Workmanship, Interiors and Materials

Regular maintenance inspections can reveal hidden damage. Engage Australis Roofing to conduct a thorough roof inspection for you, using the latest equipment and techniques. We will be looking for leaks, unusual wear and tear, damage from branches or windblown debris, mould and moss — and problems that date back to the original installation or previous repairs. Australis Roofing provides fast service as well as affordable rates, so there is no reason to risk your own physical safety. Our team of professionals will be glad to help.

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