Roof Leak Repair Gold Coast

Top priority — seriously, that leak in your roof is not just a minor structural problem

The sooner you deal with a leak the better — please do not get used to moving buckets and basins around under the various drips. Water damage is urgent. Remember that many roofs are only built to last a generation or so — perhaps 20 to 30 years — and the cause of a leak is usually improper installation in the first place, damage from high winds and flying debris in a storm, or lack of maintenance.

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Your roof cavity is where the damage will probably start. After that the water eventually seeps through to the interior ceiling, where you suddenly notice that the paint has darkened and the plaster is bubbling. Your ceiling-mounted lights and fans may be affected too, and could cause a dangerous fire threat from shorted wires.

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But the most severe consequences of a leaking roof are mould and mildew. Mould, and especially black mould may be toxic, can spread throughout the house, leading to extremely grave health issues. And mould is difficult and expensive to get rid of.

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Another result of procrastinating may be that when the insulation materials are saturated with water they no longer insulate efficiently, and so the wooden rafters and joists rot.

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Any suspected leak should be dealt with immediately. If you live anywhere near Gympie, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast, or you’re on the Central Coast, Sydney, Berowra or near Broken Hill, there is an Australis Roofing office near to you and ready to solve all your roofing problems, whether that means restoration, replacement or repair.

Above the bed the roof leaked,
no place was dry,
And the raindrops ran down like strings,
without a break.
I have lived through upheavals and ruin
and have seldom slept very well,
But I have no idea how I shall pass
this night of soaking.
Basho and the Dao: The Zhuangzi and the Transformation of Haikai by Peipei Qiu

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