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Inspecting your roof is necessary from time to time to check for damage, maintain it and clean your gutters. Whether you’re checking for hail damage or checking if you need a roof repair, there are a few safety tips to eliminate and minimise risks to your health.


Roof Inspection & Leak Detection Gold Coast

         1.  Acknowledge any hazards

Some hazards you should be aware of include unprotected roof edges and surfaces that are fragile or have holes. Also be cautious of anything that is protruding from the roof that you could trip over. And be sure to keep your balance to prevent falls and injuries.

          2.  Weather conditions

Be aware of the recent and current weather conditions – wind and rain can create dangerous conditions (example slipping off your roof or being blown over the edge). Working in heat can also be dangerous if you’re in a roof cavity or spending extended amounts of time in the sun exposure. Make sure you take rest breaks, drink adequate amounts of water and try to do tasks in cooler parts of the day.

         3.  Fragile roofs

Some roofs are made of fragile materials and won’t bear the weight of a person. Some materials that may make a roof fragile include:

–  Asbestos sheeting
–  Wood slabs and tiles
–  Fibre cement sheets
–  Polycarbonate or plastic use with skylights
–  Glass

If in doubt, it’s best to call the professionals.

        4.  Roof access

Ensure your roof access is firm and stable. Whether you are using stair towers, scaffolding or a ladder, be sure that you can navigate up and down safely.

If your roof requires a professional, call the roofing specialists at Australis Roofing on 1300 093 721.

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