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At Australis Roofing we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and tailored outcomes to meet our clients’ needs. And usually the first piece of advice we give to a client is that a homeowner doesn’t buy a new roof very often, so choosing the right colour, texture and style is very important indeed. The roof has to work with the house and its surroundings and to be true to its architectural style — it should complement the whole neighbourhood. In America they recommend ‘curb appeal’, and suggest your talk to your neighbours and do some research of your own.

Australis Roofing understands the importance of your roof – we work to Australian Standards

The first thing you need is to find a good roofing contractor. Australis Roofing has offices in Queensland and the Northern Territory, as well as in New South Wales, so you just need to make one phone call and we’ll be round to inspect and quote. And whether we recommend a full reroof or repairs to your current roofing, you may be sure that is an experienced, expert opinion and that Australis Roofing will stand behind it. In fact, Australis Roofing will help you choose the sheeting profile and the colour — dark grey or black, brown or tan or even white — and will then give you the best roof. Ask your friends and, if possible, ask a manufacturer. The cost of the labour is usually about the same as the materials, but complexity, height and steepness all have to be taken into account too.

Australis Roofing provides roof replacement, repairs and new roofing services with a strong focus on safety and professionalism

Australis Roofing is owned and operated by a qualified plumber with over 15 years’ experience in roofing services. All employees are highly trained and have experience in government and offshore contracts, indigenous community work and disaster relief. Their portfolio includes domestic roofing, as well as large-scale industrial and commercial roofing, factories, multi-storey unit complexes, schools and mine sites.

Longevity and durability — it’s always worth paying for quality materials with a long life span

Whether you need roof restoration or insulation or repairs from hail damage, think Australis Roofing — and whether you are in Darwin or Sydney or on the Gold Coast, give us a call.

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