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Looking for reliable roofing contractors on the Sunshine Coast? Australis Roofing can ensure that your roof is completed to Australian Standards, call 1300 093 721

Before you actually make a final decision regarding your roof — any roof — do call in a reputable roofing specialist service such as Australis Roofing with conventional references and experience. Steel and metal roofs do wear out and storm and hail damage are serious in this part of the world.

Factors to be seriously considered are safety and professionalism as well as:

  • Different options for materials in order to achieve just the look that you want. Have you a design in mind? Don’t forget that you will have to live with this look for at least the next 20-25 years.
  • Double-check the wind and fire ratings of the materials you chose with the contractor.
  • Ensure that your contractor will abide by all the safety regulations required for such work.
  • Do not take any shortcuts in order to save money as these could end up costing you even more — in time as well as money.
  • If you are considering adding a second layer of roof to extend the life of your new roof, check first with your contractor that this is feasible and that it will not affect the structural integrity of either your home or the roof itself.
  • Ask for a detailed written estimate from your contractor.
  • Take steps to protect your yard and your home. Bear in mind that there will be vibrations while the work is carried out, so pack away fragile items, including those hanging on walls.

Australis Roofing has had extensive experience in domestic roofing and large-scale industrial and commercial roofing, including factories, multi-storey unit complexes, schools and mine sites.

The key is always to trust your builder and contractor and to be sure that the company you choose is professional and experienced, and has an excellent safety record as well as a history of successful projects. Whatever the job you need to have done, whether it is a simple roof repair or a complete replacement, look into the contractor’s references and whether they specialise in domestic, commercial or industrial roofing. Australis Roofing can ensure that your roof is completed to Australian Standards, thanks to its team of experienced professional builders, and that the finished product will meet the most exacting of briefs. From the Gold Coast to Darwin and the Sunshine Coast, take the first step to securing the future of your property and call Australis Roofing or email us today!

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