Leaking Roof Repairs Gold Coast

A roof leak certainly qualifies as an emergency, particularly since you only find out about it when it is pouring with rain, which is when roofers are likely to be at their busiest.

Ring Australis Roofing’s emergency number

If you are in or near Broken Hill, or Gympie or the Sunshine Coast, or Brisbane or the Gold Coast, or on the Central Coast, or Berowra or Sydney, then call Australis Roofing and we’ll get to you as soon as we can.

In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to minimise the damage

Sometimes leaks emerge in several spots, like light fixtures and ceiling joints, so the situation seems more frightening than it really is. If there is a water bulge in the ceiling, punch a hole with a sharp object to draw the water to one place. That should limit the damage to the ceiling and help collect the water into one stream. The largest receptacle you can put underneath is probably your garbage can, especially if it has wheels, or a bucket. Use cooking pots for smaller leaks.

Damage control

Try to move everything that could be damaged by the water, and put down towels and garbage bags, or even a tarpaulin if you have one handy.

Do not go up onto the roof. Wait for Australis Roofing to arrive. We’ll be there as soon as possible and we’ll deal with the situation. Please don’t take any risks

Try to unblock the guttering and downpipes if and when you can, but from now on keep a watchful eye out for:

• Water stains and damp spots, especially around light fixtures or electrical outlets, air vents and fireplaces
• Bubbling or peeling paint, especially under the eaves
• A dripping sound
• A dank smell in the attic
• Loose or exposed nails or screws on the roof
• Loose or damaged flashings or cracked sealants
• Blocked or loose gutters and downpipes
• Debris in the roof valleys or above any roof penetrations
• Tile granules in the gutters

Australis Roofing provide roof replacement, roof repairs and new roofing services with a focus on safety and professionalism. You can count on us to ensure that your roof is completed to Australian Standards.

Leaking Roof Repairs Gold Coast, Sydney, Central Coast, Darwin, Gympie & Broken Hill.